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    Updates for Editors


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    Updates for Editors

    Post  Andyjack7 on Fri Jan 08, 2010 7:42 am

    Ok guys, Here is a quick update for those of you posting to the site, We are begging to lock down letting EVERYONE post, mainly because there are some ps3 fanboys who for some reason hate me, and also to insure safety to the site and it's viewers, with the site rising in views, we must be sure we know who is posting.

    Starting later tonight, not everyone can post, anyone who is helping already will still be able to log in the same way and post. However any new registers will be set to subscribers, who will be limited to changing there avatar, and posting instantly.

    IF you want to post to the site and have not yet made a account you will need to contact us at "" to get permission.

    Thanks, Hope you understand Smile


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